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content marketing service features

New customers receive a complete website audit report at the end of the first month with keyword research, analysis and our assessment.

Topic familiarization and research are important to widening our understanding of your business and its content.

Sources influence content, provide inspiration and bring authority to each article.

Blog content lives and dies by its keyword coverage. We find the most searched keywords with target ratings.

Our content is written to thoroughly explore each topic in a long-form manner with 1,500+ words of content.

Our topic selection is evergreen, meaning we choose posts that stay relevant to readers and have long-term value.

Grow your email list with our call-to-actions placed in posts, allowing readers to opt-in and subscribe.

We provide lead magnet creation to give readers a more enticing reason to opt-in such as an e-book, video or article.

Every article is SEO enhanced with META title, description, keywords, h1 tag, h2 tag, h3 tags, image alt, etc.

Relevant images are added to every post with alt text provided.

Proofreading is essential to our process of spotting mistakes and errors.

For WordPress website owners we include live publishing on your blog.

Social snippets are written for every article. If access to your social media profiles is provided, we will publish to your social accounts. Additionally, we use social media marketing networks to gain exposure from other profiles.

Syndication is one of the top ways to promote fresh blog content. We use private accounts and unique content on social sites and communities that provide a boost from search algorithms.

Want to enhance your SEO even further? Guest posting, press releases and other forms of promotion can be effective at providing backlinks and exposure – available via add-ons.

How it Works

We learn about your business, your products or services, and the type of content that would benefit your audience most. The questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete.

Audit Review
The first month gives us time to not only start the service but conduct a complete website audit and assessment. We review this with you and help interpret, generally around week 5.

Our long-form approach provides your audience with a detailed and data-backed article that explores an evergreen topic in full.

A second team member reads and perfects the content by shortening long winded sentences, correcting mistakes and improving its flow.

The final touches are made with all add-ons being completed, images added, formatting applied and we're ready for publication.

Content to Grow your Audience

Turn Your Business Into an Industry Leading Brand

Publishing consistent high quality content is the most effective way to make an impact with readers.

Have Questions?

Whether you’re an agency, SaaS, B2B company, or startup, our content can be used to deliver your message and connect with your audience. We work with all types of businesses and help you build a digital brand that you can be proud of.

Our WordPress publishing service includes scheduling the content and publishing live on your website. There are no admin rights needed, although we will need an account with editing rights. If you do not wish to provide an account, our content can be delivered each month through email.

High quality content can be used to engage with an audience and create a following. This means more subscribers and better reach. It also means better search engine rankings. Inbound traffic can provide a steady stream of prospects at virtually no advertising cost.